We understand that successfully entering and developing international markets presents both new opportunities and new risks. We work with you to accelerate growth while minimising potential risk. Our specialists are on the ground across Europe, USA and Canada, China, South America, Central and Eastern Europe, Australia and South Africa.


Prepare for Export

We provide an internal assessment to examine your structure and resources; recommendations for ordering processes, logistics, sales support, and other preparations necessary to ensure your readiness for export drive.

Expansion Strategy

We develop your unique company strategy for future growth; set goals and prepare a step-by-step, realistic and sustainable expansion plan.

Market Knowledge

We provide the most up-to-date intelligence on a country or an industry sector basis, providing insights into market size, structure, key players, individual companies, trends and more.


Select an Export Market

We agree the search criteria and conduct research to select overseas markets that have the right ‘hot spot’ sectors which are likely to offer you the most potential for business.

Competitive Landscape

We identify and profile your key competitors, benchmark pricing, plan your market positioning and ensure competitive advantage.

Market Entry Strategy

We examine and recommend the market channels that best suit your product or service; direct sales, a distribution partner, commissioned agent, manufacturer’s representative, online sales, OEM partnership or JV partner, and offer examples for evaluation.

Matchmaking Local Partners

We have the local, in-market expertise to identify, interview, assess, vet, profile – and effect introductions to local partners that fit your required criteria.

Regulations and Product Registration

We find out the local regulations, necessary approvals and procedures, packaging requirements, and any other market requirements for your product in a new export market.


We examine options for getting your product to the client in the quickest and most cost-effective way and identify suitable in-market warehousing facilities, transportation partners and more.


Customer Targeting

We identify and reach key target customers, engage with the key decision makers and introduce your product or service, thus enabling access to prominent potential new clients.

Meeting Partners

We pre-organise a programme of highly qualified meetings with prospective local partners or interested direct customers to optimise your visit to a new export market.


Establishing a Local Presence

We provide a range of services to help you establish a local office; including site selection, company registration, recruitment and employment – as well as post-establishment assistance.

Building Online Presence

We help you to take full advantage of the digital era, including how to optimise your website and social media to build your online presence and develop new business.

Business Accelerator

We match you with an industry expert with the experience, knowledge and contacts to support your expansion in the selected export market.


All of the infrastructure can be arranged in a cost-effective manner for you, including tax and legal advice.

With vast experience in working with government agencies we can chart your path through the system as well as accessing government financial support.

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