Digital Transformation Strategy Meeting

London, UK

2nd November 2016, London.

29th March 2017, London.

This continuously developing digital world is creating new expectations, competitors, markets, opportunities and threats. Organisations must be more innovative than ever in a constantly changing environment as digital now permeates all aspects of a business. Today’s leaders have to guide their organisations through the digital transformation process and are consequently presented with numerous, new challenges.

Our recent research identified the key challenges and the following are some examples:

Adapting Your Organisational Culture to Support Digital Transformation

  • Championing innovation from the top down and supporting an innovative culture throughout the organisation.
  • Exploring the main challenges associated with building a digital culture.
  • Examining what is required from your organisation to support cultural change.
  • Encouraging company-wide collaboration to help deliver business innovation and digital strategy.
  • Understanding the needs of your workforce and customers in the new digital age.

Positioning the IT Function to Help Deliver Digital Business Growth

  • Successfully integrating the IT strategy into the overall digital strategy.
  • Understanding the “value-add” of the IT department and translating it to the business.
  • Knowing the strategic value of your IT department to help drive business development.
  • Keeping up with pressure to maintain the pace of innovation in your corporate information systems.
  • Examining the changing role of the IT Director/CIO as Chief Digital Officer.

Optimising The Full Potential of Digital and Non-Digital Collaboration Technologies

  • Exploring ways to design and deliver a unified digital technology which incorporates the changing and multi-user behaviour.
  • Planning your digital and non-digital offering to enhance your competitive advantage.
  • Creating and delivering a compelling digital roadmap for your customers; understanding their needs vs. business resources.
  • Utilising evolving technologies to enhance your business performance.

We happen to be addressing these issues as well as many others at our closed-door roundtable discussions facilitated by the leaders in digital transformation and attended by digital professionals in Europe’s largest companies, present an ideal environment to stimulate discussion, benchmark, explore challenges and identify strategic priorities.

If you’re interested in participating in our digital transformation roundtables please fill out an enquiry form or contact us to find out more.