With our exceptional access to key decision makers, our research provides the insights you need on your customers, competitors, markets and technologies. We collaborate with you to exploit these opportunities and to turn them into business results.

Research Reports: combine relevant quantitative and qualitative data with expert analysis in one valuable report, which covers critical issues such as trends, drivers, product requirements, budgeting and purchasing behaviour and organisational dynamics.

Market Validation Studies: provide insights into market dynamics which may affect business opportunities. The scope of this primary research ranges from targeted, in-depth interviews with key decision makers to global surveys of more than 1,000 respondents.

Brand Sentiment Studies: point-in-time views of your brand based on awareness, value, innovation, reliability, and customer loyalty.

Customer Sentiment Studies: reports ranging from satisfaction surveys to multifaceted customer-base analyses, mined for correlations and insights to help you prioritize strategic initiatives.

Channel Partner Sentiment Studies: investigations to help you determine what is accelerating or inhibiting channel partner success, satisfaction, and commitment.

Market Sizing Studies: quantify the addressable market for your products and services in new or emerging markets

Multi-client Studies: provide many of the benefits of a custom research project but with the data and costs shared among two or more clients.

Industry Market Strategies We identify opportunities for profitable growth strategies and strong market positions in 14 major industry sectors internationally. We also identify new opportunities and help clients develop targeted customer segmentation and effective go-to-market strategies.

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