Engaging the Board and Building a Leading Cyber Security Culture

London & Amsterdam

23.11.16 – The European IT Security Strategy Meeting, Amsterdam.

29.03.17 – The IT Security Strategy Meeting, London.

16.05.17 – The European IT Security Strategy Meeting, Amsterdam.

With organisations now realising the criticality of cyber security to their strategic initiatives, CISO’s need to successfully engage the board to reap the benefits the cyber world brings and be on top of the associated risk. Cyber opportunities and risks should be on the same level of importance as other strategies discussed in the boardroom but many CISO’s find this particularly challenging. CISO’s must create a culture of cyber security within their organisation which starts with making the top decision makers align cyber security with the business objectives.

CISO’s at our strategy meetings discuss the challenges in engaging the board and building a leading cyber security culture, touching on points such as:

  • Identifying your technology priorirites of senior management in formulating security strategy
  • Delivering information security performance and demonstrating ROI
  • Gain practical advice on building the case for investment in security and IAM
  • Integrating security into the wider business to enable ease of implementation
  • Understand the barriers to developing an enterprise-wide cybersecurity culture and how they can be overcome:
  • The security challenges posed by virtualization pushing IT systems off premises and into the cloud
  • The extent to which digital business strategy extends the boundaries of identity and access for employees
  • Changing user behaviour to make security relevant to employees

At our strategy meetings CISO’s from large enterprise in Europe come together to discuss their security challenges and strategic priorities in a private roundtable format. Our roundtable discussion groups enable CISO’s to share experience, benchmark and explore challenges.